When Chelsea Clark first heard about Acadium 2 years ago, she didn’t think it was right for her. Years later after rediscovering the platform, she decided to give it a shot. A full-time content creator and blog flipper, Chelsea was full of ambition but tight on time.

Chelsea was looking for someone who could give her a hand with content writing and using social media to market her website, herpaperroute.coma resource for marketing tips, entrepreneur advice, and guidance for new bloggers.

After signing up and creating her profile, Chelsea was surprised at the number of active students in the talent pool. Feeling slightly overwhelmed, she opted to take it slow, starting conversations and narrowing it down to a shortlist of candidates to take into the video interview stage. After speaking to a few more candidates, Chelsea decided to take on two apprentices to work with her.

Chelsea said that she found her and her apprentices ‘clicked’ right away. Because she kept the conversations casual and informal, she made herself open to her apprentices and available for questions and feedback whenever they needed it.

“They didn’t have to know everything, they just had to be willing to learn.”

When Chelsea gave her first writing assignment to one of her apprentices, it was their first foray into content marketing and they weren’t sure if they could pull it off. Chelsea decided to dial it back and build her apprentice’s confidence by teaching her more about the process and transferring some of her knowledge as a professional content writer onto her apprentice. When it came time to write, Chelsea says her apprentice, “absolutely killed it,” and ended up taking on a number of content writing tasks throughout the remainder of her apprenticeship.

“I told them that the whole point I was here was to work with them. If they don’t get something, that’s good. Ask questions so we can work through it.”

Because Chelsea offers a course on SEO as part of her business, she was able to provide her apprentices access and work 1-on-1 with them on keyword research before the article writing process began.

“It was a huge time saver. I don’t have as much time as I wish I did for some areas of my business and Acadium really helped with that.”

To keep the apprentices on track, Chelsea would meet with them for weekly meetings and set them up with projects to work on and training programs to help them develop their skills for upcoming weeks

“By the time we got to the 3rd month they knew what to do and I just let them run with it.”

Chelsea said that mentoring her students was an unexpected joy for her. As opposed to hiring a freelancer, she said that working with an apprentice was more casual and allowed for a friendship to develop over the course of the 3-month apprenticeship.

“You just don’t get this kind of experience with people very often.”

Thanks to her marketing apprentices, Chelsea was able to save 80 hours each month on her day-to-day tasks, freeing her up to focus on other tasks that attributed directly to sales. As a result, Chelsea was able to generate an additional $5,500 each month for her business.

“I think what Acadium does is just so cool. You can connect with someone, you can teach, you can learn — there’s really nothing like it.”

To read more about Chelsea’s journey with Acadium and get an insight into what her apprentices thought of the experience, check out her blog post!

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