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Paid Advertising

Learn how to create effective online advertising campaigns for any target audience and product. In this course, you’ll get an overview of the most popular online ad networks and their basic features. You’ll also pick up a few tips on how to get the highest returns on every dollar you spend on advertising.

23 lessons, beginner-friendly


  • Ad networks
  • Landing pages
  • Facebook ads
  • Google ads

For those who want to

  • Use paid online ads to get more leads and make more sales of a product or service
  • Make the most of your advertising budget

What you will learn

  • Ad Networks

    Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, and Bing are five online advertising platforms that small businesses can use to promote their products and services. This module introduces you to each platform.

    1. Facebook Ads
    2. Google Ads (formerly AdWords)
    3. Twitter Ads
    4. LinkedIn Ads
    5. Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing ads)/li>
  • Landing Pages

    A landing page not only tells your users about your product or service, but it also encourages them to take action. In this course, you'll learn how to create high converting landing pages for your ad campaigns.

    1. Creating Your Offer
    2. Headlines
    3. Page Content
    4. CTA (Call to Action)
    5. Tracking Codes
  • Facebook Ads

    Businesses use Facebook Ads to build brand awareness, increase traffic, and generate leads. In this course, you'll discover why Facebook is the best option for advertising products and services on social media.

    1. Facebook Business Manager
    2. Facebook Pixel
    3. Researching Your Audience
    4. Facebook Ad Types
    5. Creating Your First Campaign
    6. Ad Creatives

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