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How This Coach Was Able to Double His Social Media Following in Three Months With the Help of a Marketing Apprentice

Navigating today’s job market is no small feat. It’s more cutthroat and dynamic than ever — being qualified isn’t always enough. Few people know this better than Nader Mowlaee. With years of experience working in recruitment and consulting, Mowlaee wanted to help people early in their career overcome the roadblocks they faced when looking for work. Mowlaee found that a lot of engineers had a hard time developing their personal brand, communication skills, and professional network so they can land interviews and job offers. That’s where his business Engineer Your Mission came in.

Nader Mowlaee

Tapping into his background, Mowlaee aimed to build a process for end-to-end job search support that would get those early in their career to where they need to be as fast as possible. This came in the form of assistance developing their personal branding documents, online presence, and building that presence via networking strategies on LinkedIn. As well as providing practice preparing for interviews and negotiating job offers.

When his business started taking off, Mowlaee quickly learned that no matter how hard he worked, scaling Engineer Your Mission on his own simply wasn’t possible — thankfully, he found Acadium.

“I had a great first experience. I’ve never come across a system like there where I could afford to get work on demand.”

After getting on the platform and browsing the candidate pool, Mowlaee was able to find an apprentice with some previous marketing training, but no experience marketing to a U.S. audience. Despite this, Mowlaee recognized their passion and drive to succeed and brought them on to his team.

That apprentice was able to assist with an entire marketing campaign, end-to-end. Mowlaee’s apprentice was able to tackle tasks like market research, collecting and validating data, developing copy and graphics for social media, using that content for automating their social media channels, and finally, synthesizing social media analytics and identifying areas for optimization.

“I’ve had tremendous success with Acadium. It’s really helped me overcome a lot of hurdles in my business.”

Since then, Mowlaee has taken on a total of 9 Acadium apprentices, helping him grow his business’s digital presence and freeing him up to focus more on how he can scale his product, without having to worry as much about growing the business itself.

As a result of the apprenticeships, Mowlaee managed to double his social media following in under 3 months and now sees a steady increase in engagement on his social media content.

Nader Mowlaee Apprenticeship Stats

Despite the success Mowlaee was finding with his apprentices, the sheer number of people he was managing forced him to develop a new set of processes for finding, onboarding, and working with an apprentice.

The process starts by speaking with a student and learning about who they are as a person, what they are looking for in their career, and whether or not the work that Engineer Your Mission has for them will be able to help them towards achieving their career goals.

After selecting a new candidate for an apprenticeship, Mowlaee would have a one hour call with his apprentice to review their work and give them feedback before providing them with new tasks and assignments.

Mowlaee quickly learned that he was more of a “leader than a manager,” and found that managing people was slowing down his own workflow. To solve this, he brought on an operations manager to handle managing the apprentices. That person is now developing a new, streamlined onboarding process that would allow him to work with multiple apprentices at once more smoothly.

One of those processes involves pairing apprentices together as ‘accountability partners,’ and allow them to have another person to bounce ideas off and review work.

Mowlaee’s work with his apprentices didn’t just stop when the 3-month apprenticeship was over. He is now using his coaching skills to help mentor his former apprentices during their job hunt by assisting them with things like overhauling their LinkedIn, re-writing their resumes, and guiding them through the interview and negotiation process.

Acadium lets you focus on our business rather than being constantly in your business.”

Feel free to 👏 and share + Sign up for Acadium today to begin browsing our talent pool of thousands of student marketers eager to get started helping you grow your business.

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