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How This Student Successfully Upskilled and Got Hired

How This Student Successfully Upskilled and Got Hired

Ana Riveros joined Acadium because her online marketing program wasn’t working as well as she would have liked. She got her first apprenticeship within a week on the platform and then started 3 more after that. Not only was she able to sharpen her skills, she was also able to update her resumé and portfolio and land a job!

We talked to Ana, asking her about how her digital marketing journey has been and what she has learned along the way. This is her inspiring story — complete with her goals and experiences.

Hi Ana! Can you tell us why you wanted to do a digital marketing apprenticeship?

About a year ago, I started studying digital marketing online, but because the platform I was using had some issues, I dropped it. Months later, I found Acadium and started studying there.

My goal was to get my certificate. After a week on the app, I got my first apprenticeship.

Who did you apprentice with and what skills did you gain?

I apprenticed with Sunny Na, Owner of AVIE Spa, Abba Carmichael, founder of My Sexual Biography, Niki Ram, founder of Waryer, and Dorene Wharton of Travel Life Media.

Through my apprenticeships, I learned more about social media, graphic design, content marketing, brand creation, SEO, market research, and marketing analytics.

How much experience did you have before your apprenticeship and what were your key takeaways after you completed it?

When I applied for my first apprenticeship, I had been working in digital marketing for around a year and a half.

Through my apprenticeships, I’ve definitely sharpened my skills in copywriting, content marketing and design. I am currently applying everything that I have learned to my current job and my personal brand.

I was also able to improve my resume and land a job.

Can you share some of your top tips for Acadium students who want to secure an apprenticeship?

1. Don’t be afraid.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to businesses.

2. Align with your mentor.

Once you get your apprenticeship, make sure to align your expectations with your mentor.

3. Communicate.

Talk with your mentor every day that you are working together and have a weekly meeting where you can organize your tasks for the week and get feedback.

What are your favorite marketing tools?

I really like MailChimpBufferGoogle Analytics, and WordPress.

I also like Instagram Insights, which comes free with a business account.

What is your dream job?

In 3 years, I’m planning to open my own agency dedicated to digital marketing and web development.

I plan to make it an inclusive place where people that don’t have enough resources to go to college can learn while they work.

What’s next for you?

From here on, I want to keep sharpening my skills in digital marketing and learning new things that can help me in the future. Hopefully, I can travel the world working remotely in 6 months.

After my second apprenticeship, I was contacted through LinkedIn to work remotely for an agency in the United States. Thanks to my experience with Acadium, I know how to organize my time and deliver everything on time.

If you are looking to build your digital marketing portfolio and acquire in-demand skills, Acadium can help! Sign up at or download the app for iPhone and Android and start searching for an apprenticeship today!

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