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Why Students Should Consider Learning Online Marketing for Free

Why Students Should Consider Learning Online Marketing for Free

Student online marketing courses are an interesting topic to bring to a discussion. A lot of people have varying opinions on them, some people think you won’t learn what you need to know because it’s free. While others might not know where to look for the education they need, learning digital marketing online can be especially confusing and worrying. Where do I go? Is this class valuable? Am I wasting my time here? In this article, I will be giving a few reasons on why you might want to consider free digital marketing courses online for free.

What is the true cost?

There is a misconception going around these days that if it’s free it must be “cheap”. Or it must not provide the same value as expensive courses if they are offering a digital marketing course for free. Well this isn’t always the case, you can even find a lack of quality in some paid courses unfortunately. But why offer digital marketing courses for free?

1. To make it easier for student entry: Not everyone has thousands of dollars to fork over on classes. Especially if they aren’t sure yet if they like the course, or maybe they don’t want to be a digital marketer after taking a few classes. But they already paid for tons of classes, free education allows people to try what they want but still leave feeling satisfied.

2. You can take on as many classes as you want: Since you aren’t paying for these classes, you can try as many as you want, while still having the quality of a paid course.

3. You have the option of taking free digital marketing courses first before pursuing paid courses: If you aren’t sure about a subject try the free version online. See if you like it, then you can take a paid version if you choose to. Before free education, there weren’t many options to just try out a class or subject.

You don’t have to worry about college debt in the future:

Student online marketing courses allow you to gain certificates and experience at no cost. Websites like GenM allow you to take courses that get updated every month, but they also give apprenticeship experience that you can add to your resume with a digital marketing certificate. It usually takes average students to get their first degree in two years sometimes more, but they don’t usually start working in their field till later. With free digital marketing courses on GenM or other platforms, not only do you build your resume, but you get actually job experience you can use to receive a position after the apprenticeship and course you take. It’s a great way to take students to the next level!

You can find work almost immediately after your education:

A lot of these programs offer digital marketing certificates or even have freelance programs where they offer students positions. On GenM, the businesses who partner with them know which level of experience the student has and what they are capable of. So, this means you can find work almost instantly in the field you were training for. There is also a chance of your mentors in apprenticeships wanting to work with you further and possibly hiring you afterwards.

You can keep up-to-date on what happens in the industry for free:

When it comes to learning digital marketing online, people usually focus on getting the job or beginner experience. But the information you learn afterwards is important too. Let’s face it, not a lot of people can afford the continuing education even after landing the job. So, with free education, not only can you land the job you desire, but you can also keep building on what you know to then explore other jobs or keep working on the current one. Free digital marketing courses don’t have to be just for entry-level students. All students can benefit from this training.

In conclusion:

Free digital marketing courses aren’t always for everybody, but it’s nice to know students have another option when it comes to earning a digital marketing certificate. We are starting to see a surge of new marketers online and offline, and most of this new success can be attributed to the way education has shifted to online. If you want to start your digital marketing journey for yourself, create your GenM profile today and build the path to your future!

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