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Apprenticeships for Business

Build your business
 by mentoring

Mentor an apprentice for three months as they take marketing activities off your plate. They get hands-on training, and you free up time for higher-value business activities.

get a digital marketing apprentice

Why become a mentor?

Empower emerging talent

Directly help talented students, recent grads, and early-career professionals build their skills, work experience, and confidence.

Build your team affordably

For a low cost, grow your team where you need it most — including email marketing, social media management, and more.

Take the risk out of hiring

With 3-month remote apprenticeships, you’re able to get the help you need without the cost or risk of making a bad hire.

Empowering business owners everywhere


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 on 190+ reviews


We recommend Acadium as a proven source of talent to help our founders manage the multiple tasks required to grow a successful brand


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How it works


Create your profile and apprenticeship listing

Tell us exactly what you’re looking for. Your apprenticeship listing will be seen by talented students, recent grads, and early-career professionals who are looking to gain experience in digital marketing.


Interview talent and choose the right one for your team

Choose who you like and who you really want to mentor. Source the most promising prospects for your business by messaging candidates directly and interviewing those who apply to your apprenticeship listing.


Work together for three months and get ten hours of help a week

Assign tasks, give feedback, and guide your apprentice as they help you with your digital marketing needs, unpaid, as part of their training.

Find a marketing apprentice


Still have questions?

  • Where do the apprentices come from?

    The apprentice candidates come from all over the world, but we keep the locations consistent with the mentors on the platform. 80% of our mentors are in North America, so we keep 80% of the candidates from North America as well.

  • Are the apprentices vetted?

    Yes. Every apprentice must submit an application before joining Acadium that is reviewed by the Acadium team.

  • What's involved in mentoring an apprentice?

    Mentoring an apprentice takes 1-2 hours a week where you spend time with them providing guidance, answering questions, giving them tips and tricks, or even letting them watch you work on a screen share. A lot of the things you would do with a regular employee, but with a little more time and attention.

  • Can I hire apprentices?

    Yes. Hiring your apprentice after the apprenticeship is entirely free.

  • Can I cancel an apprenticeship if it doesn't work out?

    Yes. Just email our customer support team and we’ll sort out your cancellation. Once your apprenticeship is cancelled, that position opens up again and you can refill it immediately with a new apprentice. You have 3 open positions as part of your membership.