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Introducing: Acadium Plus

The Acadium experience with formalized learning, structured curriculum/modules, access to industry experts, job opportunities, hiring partners, a certificate and accelerated outcomes.


The latest on what's happening at Acadium, straight from the team.

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  • mentor highlight header graphic

    Top five businesses ready to give you digital marketing experience

    As the seasons change we're seeing more and more businesses joining Acadium to connect with ambitious professionals who are eager to help them grow their businesses so they're ready for the new year. We're excited to highlight just a few of the awesome opportunities we've seen this week to help you find your next mentor!

  • News

    Top nine Canadian marketing influencers to follow right now

    These influencers practice what they preach and have earned their followings online. Whether you’re looking for role models to look up to, learn about how others reached success so you can do the same, or you just need some answers right now to a specific marketing question - these influencers can help. 

  • Our Damn Time Acadium Partnership

    Acadium partners with Our Damn Time to advocate equality

    We are proud to announce that Our Damn Time is partnering with Acadium to provide students an opportunity for an apprenticeship. Acadium will donate $5 to Our Damn Time for just signing up and completing your profile and $15 if you complete your apprenticeship!

  • Man on laptop

    10 side hustle opportunities to help you learn digital marketing

    There are lots of different side hustle ideas out there from flipping trending sneakers to selling off all those things in your basement that you’ve forgotten about. Some side hustles are better than others. At Acadium, we think your side hustle should help you gain skills that will help you in your career.

Success Stories

Find out how others are using Acadium to take control of their future.

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  • Sean Farrelly success story
    Success Stories

    From Warehouse to Wordsmith “My pandemic journey towards a new career”

    If you are stuck and in a position, like I was, whether it's your job on the line, if you've already lost your job, or you just need something that can be done from home, please consider Acadium because I can guarantee it won't be a waste of your time.

  • Hugo success story headshot graphic
    Success Stories

    The game-changer: how Hugo used Acadium to kick start his career after moving to Canada

    Sometimes you do so much but see very few results, and at some point, I decided that I wanted more, I wanted to see the results of my work.

  • The image is of Arielle. She's got curly hair and a blue long-sleeved formal shirt on. She's smiling.
    Success Stories

    How Arielle learned to use her creativity to build her brand

  • Success Stories

    How Andrew gained confidence and a clear path for his business

Career Prep

Build the career you want tomorrow, today.

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  • 5 habits to break when job searching
    Career Prep

    Five critical habits to break while job searching

    Finding a new job can sometimes be a long, hard process. Developing bad habits can make it much worse. Below is a list of habits we recommend breaking. If you notice yourself doing any of these, it’s probably a good idea to change things up.

  • Jack Chacon Blog Header
    Career Prep

    Job search strategy: five critical habits to develop

    Job hunts can take months and they end up lasting a lot longer if you don’t have an organized and disciplined job search strategy at the beginning of your search. Below is a list of habits that are foundational to any successful job search strategy that I recommend building ASAP.

  • 10 marketing podcasts to listen to header graphic
    Career Prep

    10 marketing podcasts to start a career in digital marketing

    Here are 10 podcasts that have can help you in becoming a better digital marketer. Through insightful interviews with thought leaders, to in detail how-tos of specific practices. These podcasts will help you in finding inspiration as well as getting actionable next steps for whatever project you’re working on.

  • Career Prep

    10 things to know before starting Acadium – from experience

    After losing myself in the chaos that has been 2020, I was looking to start over and finally find a career that would take advantage of my skills and challenge me. While stuck inside with the rest of the world I thought about what I’m good at and marketing came to mind. Now I just needed to figure out how to DO IT with minimal experience under my belt. That’s how I found Acadium and after a summer full of learning, I’m here to let you in on everything I wish I knew when I got started.

Team Building

Build and manage a team to help you get where you need to be.

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  • Team Building

    A manager’s guide to remote teams

  • Team Building

    Three Ways to Accomplish More as a Remote Team

    Learn how to scope out projects effectively, make the most out of meetings, and hold your team accountable while working in a remote setting.


Hear from Acadium users how they're building themselves a better future.

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  • Podcast

    Acadium Stories #16: Iris Alvarado — Making the career switch into digital marketing

    Find out how Iris built the skills and confidence she needed to become a digital marketer.

  • Podcast

    Acadium Stories #15: Erik Hernal — Believing in yourself and stepping outside your comfort zone

  • Podcast

    Acadium Stories #14: Doug Dvorak — Using humour as a tool to engage your audience

    Doug is one of the most well-traveled keynote motivational speakers available today. Doug has earned his spot in the motivational speaking hall of fame. He has also been inducted into the International Who’s Who of Professional Speaking.

  • Podcast

    Acadium Stories #13: Alex Vega on Investing in Yourself and the Power of Mentorship

    Alex Vega on the investing in yourself through education, making transitions throughout your career, and the power of mentorship.

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