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Introducing: Acadium Plus

The Acadium experience with formalized learning, structured curriculum/modules, access to industry experts, job opportunities, hiring partners, a certificate and accelerated outcomes.


The latest on what's happening at Acadium, straight from the team.

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  • How to be a great mentor with David Jenyns

    How to be a great mentor with David Jenyns

    The most impactful thing great mentors do is fast track the learning and development of those they mentor. One of those mentors is David Jenyns, author of SYSTEMology who has mentored over half a dozen apprentices on the platform giving them the necessary experience to kick-start their digital marketing careers.

  • News, Business Growth

    Getting marketing help: Five reasons your business needs an apprentice

    Opening your business to provide valuable lessons to young professionals while they help you with your marketing strategy is just smart—and you might learn something too.

  • 4 Local Ecommerce Trends to Make an Impact In 2021

    4 Local Ecommerce Trends to Make an Impact In 2021

  • Paid opportunities are now available on Acadium

    Paid opportunities now available on Acadium

    Paid work is the ability for businesses on the platform to post opportunities that will have an hourly wage associated with the job that they post.

Success Stories

Find out how others are using Acadium to take control of their future.

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  • Rachel Marini
    Success Stories

    How Rachel is Building Her Skills to Create More Opportunities for Youth

    By connecting with Leesa through Acadium, they found alignment on their interests and beliefs while also having unique skills that would complement each other during the apprenticeship.

  • Erik Hernal, From Student to Hiring Partner – An Accelerator Case Study
    Success Stories

    Erik Hernal, From Student to Hiring Partner – An Accelerator Case Study

    When Erik Hernal first started his career as a freelance copywriter, he was taking small gigs from any client willing to give him a shot.

  • How Grace became a Social Media Marketer
    Success Stories

    Finding my way as a Social Media Marketer

    My name is Grace, and I'm going to tell you how I changed my entire career path mere months before graduation and still ended up with the job of my dreams. 

  • Making a career change at 30
    Success Stories, Career Prep

    Making a career change at 30: What you should know

    My name is Paulo and I'm living proof that you can change careers at the age of 30. I have over seven years of experience working in kitchens as a cook and I'm now making the jump into copywriting and marketing with the help of Acadium.

Career Prep

Build the career you want tomorrow, today.

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  • Career Prep

    How to be an apprentice that exceeds expectations

    Your Acadium apprenticeship is for you to gain experience. Take the time to communicate with your mentor, and get the most out of your mentorship. You never know when they might be hiring in the future. 👀

  • Vibeke Foss’s advices as a Business Consultant and Entrepreneur
    Career Prep, Business Growth

    Vibeke Foss’ advice for early entrepreneurs and freelancers

    Vibeke foss is a female entrepreneur, owner of Gorgeous Geek, a web design and online business consulting in Spain, and a mentor at Acadium. By connecting with Vibeke, I got the chance to ask her about her experience as a solopreneur for six years and what advice she has for young entrepreneurs or those who want to start a career as a freelancer or digital nomad.

  • Five way to make the most of your apprenticeship
    Career Prep

    Six ways to make the most of your apprenticeship

    Finding a mentor on Acadium is a unique opportunity to directly access a CEO, founder, or business owner. Imagine the experience that they have and how beneficial that could be to your career.

  • guide to a career in digital marketing
    Career Prep

    The complete guide to starting a career in digital marketing

    If you're looking for a career that will provide you variety, excitement, and learning opportunities, digital marketing is a great career to pursue. You will be joining a diverse industry that can take you along many different paths working in virtually every industry and finding endless opportunities for growth. 

Team Building

Build and manage a team to help you get where you need to be.

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  • Why you should be a mentor and not a manager
    Business Growth

    Why you should be a mentor and not a manager

    When talking to other mentors on Acadium, I encourage them to change their mindset from a manager to a mentor. When you lean into developing your apprentice by empowering them to champion a part of your business, you'll be surprised by the results.

  • Tools to market your business
    Business Growth

    10 marketing tools you need to promote your business

    The moment you decide to start marketing your business, it’s a cause of both excitement and anxiety. You know it will help you grow your business, but it will also be challenging. At this early stage of your career, you must pick the right tools to manage your marketing initiatives.

  • Business Growth

    Working with digital marketing interns – grow yourself and your business

    Dominic Kent is the director of content marketing at Mio and a freelance content marketer. His experience working with interns provides insightful recommendations on working with both interns or in Acadium's case, apprentices.

  • Social media marketing strategy on a budget
    Business Growth

    Social media marketing strategy on a budget – seven tactics

    This is a step-by-step guide towards making your social media marketing strategy work under a tight budget. We'll cover everything from organic to paid content, user-generated content, repurposing old content, and more.


Hear from Acadium users how they're building themselves a better future.

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  • Podcast

    Acadium Stories #16: Iris Alvarado — Making the career switch into digital marketing

    Find out how Iris built the skills and confidence she needed to become a digital marketer.

  • Podcast

    Acadium Stories #15: Erik Hernal — Believing in yourself and stepping outside your comfort zone

  • Podcast

    Acadium Stories #14: Doug Dvorak — Using humour as a tool to engage your audience

    Doug is one of the most well-traveled keynote motivational speakers available today. Doug has earned his spot in the motivational speaking hall of fame. He has also been inducted into the International Who’s Who of Professional Speaking.

  • Podcast

    Acadium Stories #13: Alex Vega on Investing in Yourself and the Power of Mentorship

    Alex Vega on the investing in yourself through education, making transitions throughout your career, and the power of mentorship.

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