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  • So You Want to Become a Content Marketing Consultant
    Career Prep

    So You Want to Become a Content Marketing Consultant

    Content marketing consultants are go-to experts for businesses. They won't just turn around failing content—they'll teach in-house teams how to create for success. Learn how to level up your career into consultancy here.

  • Video resume: Get a marketing job
    Career Prep

    Get a Marketing Job with a Video Resume

    Supercharge your job application: send a video resume! Aside from showcasing your digital content creation skills, it also builds rapport with potential employers—even before the first job interview. That's important because people hire people they like! Read on to learn why and how to make a video resume.

  • How to Become A Freelance Copywriter
    Career Prep

    How to Become a Freelance Copywriter: A Starter FAQ

    The market for freelance copywriters is thriving, and there's no sign of it letting up. Find out how to become a freelancer—whether you have no experience or are in the middle of a career switch—with this starter FAQ.

  • How to get freelance marketing jobs
    Career Prep

    How to Get Freelance Marketing Jobs

    Avoid the feast-or-famine cycle that's common among freelancers. Learn how to find freelance marketing jobs using passive and active strategies. These work and most of them cost next to nothing to execute.

  • how to start an agency
    Career Prep

    How to Start an Agency (Even When You’re a New Marketer)

    What do you get when you combine your love for digital marketing with entrepreneurship? A marketing agency! Read on to learn how to start an agency in 5 steps, whether you're a new graduate or have 20+ years of experience. We've also included 3 success stories to inspire you.

  • T-shaped marketer: Four steps to becoming one in 2021
    Career Prep

    T-shaped Marketer: Four Steps to Becoming One in 2022

    A T-shaped digital marketer has knowledge and experience in several marketing domains but is an expert in one particular aspect of marketing. Here are four steps that you can follow to become a T-shaped marketer.