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  • Making a career change at 30
    Career Prep

    Making a Career Change at 30: What You Should Know

    Making a career change at 30 (or any age) can be daunting, especially if you don’t have experience in the job you’re interested in. But Paulo Saromo has done it; he made the leap from cook to freelance copywriter. In this post, he shares the insights he gained from the experience.

  • So you want to become an email marketing expert
    Career Prep

    So You Want to Become an Email Marketing Expert

    Are you one of the lucky ones who's been blessed with both creativity and a head for numbers? Then a career as an email marketing expert is for you! This post gives an overview of email marketing as a career, including the responsibilities, skills required, salaries, growth prospects, and more.

  • marketing portfolio online
    Career Prep

    Create an Impressive Online Marketing Portfolio

    If you're serious about launching a marketing career, then you need a marketing portfolio. You can use it to showcase your best work and glowing reviews from people you've worked with before. Read on to discover how you can create an online marketing portfolio that wows—no matter what your experience level.

  • Marketing cover letter: The unconventional guide
    Career Prep

    How to Write a Marketing Cover Letter: The Unconventional Guide

    If you're applying for a marketing job, you can't send an ordinary, boring cover letter. You need a marketing cover letter: One that "sells" you to the recruiter so effectively that they cannot resist reading your resume and inviting you for an interview. We show you how in this post.

  • digital marketing skills
    Career Prep

    The Hard and Soft Digital Marketing Skills of Rockstar Marketers

    If you want a wildly successful career in digital marketing, these are the digital marketing skills you need. We cover both hard and soft skills, as well as why every marketer needs to learn Design Thinking.

  • Marketing Job Interview Tips
    Career Prep

    Ace that Marketing Job Interview!

    Got a marketing job interview? Awesome, you're one step closer to that marketing job you want! Here's our best advice on how to ace that interview, including what marketing-focused interview questions to prepare for.