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  • marketing job salaries
    Career Prep

    How Much Do Marketers Make? Marketing Job Salaries in 2021

    Marketing job salaries cover a wide range, from entry-level to six figures per year. In this post, we look at average salaries for different types of marketing jobs, as well as where to find the highest-paid marketing salaries, and what factors determine how much a marketer makes.

  • Why digital marketing is a great career in 2021?
    Career Prep

    Why Digital Marketing Is a Great Career in 2021

    Wondering if digital marketing is the right career for you? If you want an exciting job in a high-growth area, then you must definitely consider digital marketing! Find out what a career in digital marketing is like, what skills you need, and how to get a great job.

  • marketing internship
    Career Prep

    How to Find a Great Marketing Internship in 2021

    A great marketing internship could be the key to getting your first—or next—marketing job. In this post, you'll find 10 sites that list marketing internships, what you can expect to be doing, how much marketing interns make, and more.

  • digital marketing internships
    Career Prep

    Your Digital Marketing Internships FAQs Answered

    In this post, we address your top questions about digital marketing internships. And if your can't get a digital marketing internship, we offer a terrific alternative that makes you more employable in this high-growth field.

  • Copywriter Career Path
    Career Prep

    The Copywriter Career Path: Choose Your Own Adventure!

    What is the career path for a copywriter? The paths to a copywriting career are as varied and as unique as copywriters themselves. Wherever you are right now, you can carve your own way to a successful career as a freelance copywriter, in-house copywriter, or agency copywriter.

  • how to get a job after college
    Career Prep

    How to Get a Job after College with No Experience

    It's a Catch 22 for new graduates: How do you get a job after college with no experience when entry-level jobs require some experience? In this post, we share five things you can do to become more employable.