If you’re an aspiring digital marketer and wondering how to get digital marketing experience, you have to learn from those who have already done it. Elif Hız is a digital marketer, Youtuber, marketing professor, and mom. On her online platforms, she talks about many topics including digital marketing, career advice, self-growth, as well as life in Canada since moving from Turkey.

With her content, products, and courses, Elif aims to guide aspiring marketers on how to obtain their dream job in marketing and to set them up for success in their marketing careers. 

You need experience to get a job but need a job to get experience.

Elif HIz

It is evident that Elif and Acadium have a lot in common. At Acadium, we match online business owners with aspiring digital marketers for three-month remote apprenticeships to help them launch or grow their careers in a rapidly changing job market.

Our apprenticeships are unpaid to make them more accessible to our aspiring digital marketers, who are looking to launch their careers without any experience.

In her latest video, Elif shares how to get digital marketing experience and how she’s looking for her own apprentice on Acadium right now. In this video, Elif covers one of the major bottlenecks when it comes to finding a career: you need experience to get a job but need a job to get experience.

This is by far one of the major bottlenecks when it comes to starting a job and Elif covers this in her video. If you’re looking for a spectacular mentor, Elif has a wealth of knowledge to learn from. 



As I mentioned, Elif is currently looking for an apprentice right now on her Acadium profile. Here is what she’s looking for:

Content Marketing for Marketers w/ a Youtuber & Marketing Prof

I’m looking for someone to support me with growing the business with strategic content creation and distribution – aka repurposing Youtube content for different platforms – blog, emails, social media content, transcription, etc. You’ll get to work with me directly on content that impacts other marketers’ lives and get experience with a variety of content formats and platforms, as well as learn Google and Youtube SEO.

  • Repurposing/writing blog posts from existing Youtube videos & content
  • Creating text and visual content for social media to promote the long-form content
  • Research and copywriting for new long-form content

Learn tools like Buffer, Canva, Google Sheets, Mailchimp, Moz, WordPress.

Sign up to Acadium and create your profile to message Elif as well as explore other business looking to mentor you on Acadium. 

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Acadium was founded in 2017 with the belief that anyone, anywhere, should be able to get the skills and experience they need to launch their career without barriers like price, schedule, or location getting in their way. We match people looking to get work experience with business owners for three-month remote apprenticeships.