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Affiliate Marketing

One of the ways businesses reach a much wider audience of potential customers is through affiliate marketing. In this course, you’ll learn the basics of affiliate marketing and how to get a program started for any business.

7 lessons, beginner-friendly


  • Affiliate marketing basics
  • Affiliate marketing for businesses

For those who want to

  • Gain a basic understanding of how affiliate marketing works
  • Become familiar with affiliate marketing terms
  • Launch an affiliate program for a business

What you will learn

  • Affiliate Marketing Basics

    An affiliate marketing program has many moving parts. This module focuses on the basic terminology, governing laws, and critical participants required before launching an affiliate marketing program.

    1. What is Affiliate Marketing?
    2. Common Affiliate Marketing Terms
    3. Affiliate Marketing Program Participants
    4. Affiliate Marketing Related Laws and Requirements
  • Affiliate Marketing for Businesses

    Learn about the preparatory steps and components necessary when launching an affiliate program for a business.

    1. Choosing an Affiliate Platform
    2. Affiliate Program Creative Types
    3. Affiliate Program Management Basics

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