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Creating Marketing Career Opportunities

Want to launch a marketing career? Is marketing the right career for you? The job outlook in digital marketing is bright, but it’s not for everybody, and competition can be fierce.

In this online course, you’ll discover the right attitude you need to succeed as a marketer, as well as what it takes to stand out and get your dream job.

6 lessons, beginner-friendly


  • Marketing career mindset
  • Your personal brand
  • Your marketing career profile
  • An opportunity to leapfrog to your dream marketing job

For those who want to

  • Find a great job in marketing
  • Stay motivated throughout your job search
  • Differentiate yourself from other candidates
  • Feel more confident and competent

What you will learn

  • Marketing Career Mindset

    Preparing your attitude for a successful marketing career

    1. Career Mindset Preparation
    2. How Does an Influencer Marketing Campaign Work?
    3. Measuring the ROI of Influencer Marketing
  • Your Personal Brand

    Defining and optimizing the assets that will get you noticed for the right marketing job.

    1. Your "Major" and "Minor"
    2. Your Personal Brand Pillars
  • Your Marketing Career Profile

    Documenting the most important lists that will help you succeed throughout your marketing career.

    1. What is a Career Profile?
    2. The "What" and "Who" You Know
  • Your First, Next Steps

    Keep the momentum going, and the choice you have to make.

    1. Do You Really Want A Career In Digital Marketing?

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