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E-Commerce Business Basics

Many digital marketing jobs are in the area of e-commerce. In this free course, you’ll learn how to validate a product idea, set up an online store with the most popular platforms, and get more sales.

5 lessons, beginner-friendly


  • Market research
  • Shopify
  • Amazon
  • Dropshipping
  • B2B e-commerce

For those who want to

  • Validate an idea for an e-commerce business
  • Open an e-commerce business
  • Make more sales on an online store

What you will learn

  • E-commerce Basics

    Starting an e-commerce business or online store may seem complicated to an outsider looking in. However, several tools and strategies exist to make the process easier. This module covers all the critical concepts you need to understand when launching and promoting an e-commerce business.

    1. Market Research
    2. Shopify
    3. Amazon
    4. Dropshipping
    5. B2B E-commerce

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