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Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a way for brands to leverage the already existing and engaged audiences of “influencers.” It can be an effective strategy, but it requires a lot of planning and coordination—which is why many businesses need help to implement influencer marketing. In this course, you will gain a foundational understanding of influencer marketing, as well as the tools and strategies to make a campaign successful.

6 lessons, beginner-friendly


  • Influencer marketing basics
  • Brands and influencers

For those who want to

  • Learn how influencer marketing works to help businesses promote their products or services
  • Plan and execute an influencer marketing campaign
  • Measure the progress and results of an influencer marketing campaign

What you will learn

  • Influencer Marketing Basics

    Learn what influencer marketing is, as well as the steps to planning your first campaign. Understand what metrics you need to keep track of.

    1. What is Influencer Marketing?
    2. How Does an Influencer Marketing Campaign Work?
    3. Measuring the ROI of Influencer Marketing
  • Brands and Influencers

    In this module, you will learn how brands can establish the best parameters for their influencer marketing campaign, including how to pick the right influencers, which strategies to implement, and what tools to use.

    1. Picking the Right Influencer
    2. Influencer Marketing Strategies
    3. Influencer Marketing Tools

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