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Freelance for Marketers

Start getting paid

Get connected with vetted clients and start getting paid for your digital marketing skills and experience.

Requires four apprenticeships or similar experience to apply


How it works

A simple way to find vetted clients

Once you are accepted as a freelancer, we find you clients based on your experience, availability and specialty.


Get paid instantly and securely

No hassle. Fast payments. We know how important it is to get paid on time.

Maximize your earnings with low fees

We find you clients and take a 10% fee. There are no membership fees, matching fees, or work involved on your end. Client intros just show up in your inbox.


Launching careers everywhere

Get paid for what you do best


Website Design

Marketing Analytics

Paid Advertising

Search Advertising

Content Marketing

Display Advertising

Email Marketing

Graphic Design

Mobile Marketing

Shopify Development

Social Media

+ more

Become a marketing freelancer

Requires four apprenticeships or similar experience to apply


Still have questions?

  • What type of businesses are on Acadium?

    The businesses on Acadium are from nearly every industry and every business type. They can be e-commerce, tech startups, accountants, artists, brick and mortar, and everything in between.

  • Do you vet the business clients before matching them with freelancers?

    Yes. We get on the phone with each client before introducing them to freelancers to ensure they’re getting the right help. Ultimately, it is up to the freelancer to decide if they would like to work with a business they’re introduced to.

  • How much do the clients pay?

    Your hourly rate is entirely up to you. We ask clients what their budget is, and match them with freelancers who fit that budget.

  • What percentage cut does Acadium take?

    Acadium takes only 10% on the payments from client to freelancer. This is the only way Acadium makes money on the freelancer marketplace. No membership fees. No matching fees.

  • How do I become a freelancer?

    You can apply to become a freelancer if you have completed 4 apprenticeships or have similar marketing experience. Once your application is received, you’ll do an interview with an Acadium talent manager to ensure you have the proper skill set.