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Get an apprentice

Motivated talent waiting for you

In exchange for your coaching and guidance, Acadium apprentices help you with your projects, unpaid, as part of their training.


Work with smart, ambitious talent

We screen our apprentices to make sure only the most motivated make it into our talent pool. They’re here because they want to succeed and improve under your guidance.

Drive results with high-impact projects

With just a few clicks in our app you can select the projects you need done and automatically add them to your apprentice’s to-do list. Stay up to date with notifications when projects are completed.

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Hit the ground running with our suite of productivity tools

We’ve designed our platform so you can get things done. From in-app video calling to tasking calendars and more, we’re constantly updating our suite of tools with productivity in mind, all included for free to members.

Spend more time on your business and less time in it