Empowering, educating, and mobilizing our community in service of equality

We are proud to announce that Our Damn Time is partnering with Acadium to provide students an opportunity for an apprenticeship. Acadium will donate $5 to Our Damn Time for just signing up and completing your profile and $15 if you complete your apprenticeship! You can do so here.

Our Damn Time LogoOur Damn Time’s mission is to promote the well-being of people of color, women, and members of the LGBTQ+ community by providing resources to empower, educate, and mobilize to enact deep, structural change.

ODT’s vision is to create and to elevate the next generation of leaders who will push for bold, progressive policies. They exist to establish a society where everyone has equal rights without discrimination.

Acadium x ODT

In an announcement on his Instagram, AJ Cartas Our Damn Time’s founder made left this statement:

“Thrilled to officially announce becoming a Partner with Acadium – an organization that is helping people gain real-world experience through apprenticeships! 🙌🏽⁣

I became a mentor at Acadium in July 2020 and had my first apprentice, who developed her social media and content marketing skills under my tutelage at my agency @Syzygy.Social.⁣

During that time, I realized how people from underrepresented minorities lack access to digital opportunities so my focus was on these very communities I’m part of.⁣

In August 2020, we launched @OurDamnTime, a non-profit that advocates for equality!⁣

By tying in the apprenticeship program that we have at our agency, it made sense to connect Syzygy and Our Damn Time (ODT).⁣

I was very satisfied with my experience with Acadium so I decided to reach out and see how we could partner up.⁣

Acadium generously offered to donate $5 for every person that completes their profile and $15 for those that complete an apprenticeship!⁣

ODT has some serious goals for the year: we’re aiming to build up a volunteer base of 1,000 people that we can mobilize to support our cause. We’re going to encourage all of our volunteers to do an apprenticeship through Acadium – the best place to develop your digital marketing skills.⁣

If you know anyone who’s interested in a remote apprenticeship, please DM me or click the link in bio!

I want to give a special thanks to the Acadium team: Graham, Sydney, Lisa, and Yaz for helping facilitate this partnership.⁣”

We look forward to our partnership and the impact that we can have on advocating and supporting equality in our global community.