Recently the CEO of Acadium, Moe Abbas was on the Entrepreneurism podcast to talk about the future of education with Brady Morgan. Moe shares the origins of Acadium and how the idea to help people who couldn’t gain work experience came from building another startup where they were looking for help in building an app. They also discussed the gap that is becoming even wider between education and job readiness and how COVID-19 has only exasperated that gap.

Moe outlines three criteria for the future of education:

  1. It needs to be quick (just in time learning)
  2. Affordable
  3. Effective (relevant to the current job market)

They also talk about where Acadium as a company is moving:

“Anyone can come here and unlock a career and job training for free; wherever they are for in-demand jobs. We’re focusing on training right now, but the future is a network and hiring component. We want to offer paid opportunities on the platform. Anyone will be able to build a unique professional network on Acadium. We want to double down on allowing people to build their networks.”

Listen to the full conversation on Spotify, Youtube, or on the Entrepreneurism website.

Acadium plugs you into existing business infrastructure for on the job training – the most effective way to gain experience. If you’re ready to gain the experience needed for you to kick-start your career you can explore apprenticeship opportunities or sign up to begin creating your profile.