Terri Levine is no stranger to growing businesses. In fact, with 43 years of experience as a businesswoman, Terri has worked with over 5000 business owners and has managed to create 8, multi-million dollar businesses herself. After working as a speaker, trainer, coach, and becoming a best selling author, Terri launched her business consulting company — Heartrepreneur.

Full of ideas on how to grow Heartrepeneur, Terri was only short on one thing — time. Then she found Acadium. Terri was able to match with a student marketer who worked with her on growing and engaging her Facebook group and business page.

With a focus on video content, Terri’s apprentice was able to research best practices for video on Facebook and managed to optimize and create content that successfully increased watch percentage and engagement.

“It was wonderful hearing someone else’s thoughts and ideas and at the same time seeing what kind of direction I need to give. Seeing how much or how little to give so that they have enough without stifling creativity.”

With her 2nd apprentice, Terri was able to find someone who continued to improve upon her video content – bringing their own creative spin into the mix. They also took the initiative to actively participate in her Facebook group, commenting, posting, and encouraging others to take part in the conversation. The apprentice was so successful, that Terri began receiving messages congratulating her on what they believed to be a new, full-time employee.

In the end, Terri was able to grow her Facebook group by over 1200 new members and has seen an increase of 66% in engagement.

Despite her apprenticeships coming to an end, Terri said she still keeps in touch with her former students, keeping up to date with their professional pursuits, helping them with their job search, and mentoring them on the subject of digital marketing.

“I love to help people grow and learn — it’s been really rewarding for me.”

Terri now has her sights set on other social media channels and with three successful apprenticeships under her belt, took the leap of bringing on two apprentices at one time to focus on expanding her social media presence.

With a vast network of business owners and entrepreneurs, Terri continues to let others know how Acadium has helped her grow Heartrepreneur and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. “I have 19 clients on the Acadium platform. I have not had any of them say anything other than ‘thank you so much Terri for telling me about this,’” said Levine.

If you want to learn more about how you can start saving time with 40 hours a month of dedicated marketing help, visit Acadium for more info.

“Acadium has probably been the best business decision I have made in the past several years.”

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