Starting a career in marketing is scary 

When someone is starting their digital marketing career, it can feel like an overwhelming and complicated journey that they’re about to embark on. There are so many different domains of marketing, and they all seem to intersect. It can feel like it’s all too much, and it’s impossible to build a career in digital marketing. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. It can indeed be hard to break into a digital marketing career, but some things make it much easier. 

A great mentor that guides early marketers through the first steps of their career is one of those things. 

Mentors help kick-start careers

A really good mentor knows that digital marketing is a complicated industry, and there’s a lot to know. Great mentors guide those just starting their careers by giving them specific projects that focus on one area of digital marketing. They provide structure and feedback that allows them to build confidence in their skills quickly. 

The most impactful thing great mentors do is fast track their learning and development. 

How you can be a great mentor

One of those mentors is David Jenyns, author of SYSTEMology: Create time, reduce errors and scale your profits with proven business systems.

David has been a long time mentor on Acadium. He’s mentored over half a dozen apprentices on the platform, giving them the necessary experience to kick-start their digital marketing careers. He even hired one of his exceptional apprentices, Dovile

David has a lot of great insight into being an exceptional mentor. He’s a systems thinker and brought that mindset to structuring his apprenticeships. 

“David has found tremendous value in his Acadium apprentices while also providing value back through mentorship of the next generation of talent” – Moe Abbas

In a conversation with our CEO Moe Abbas they go in deep on what makes a great mentor, the systems that lead to a successful mentorship experience on Acadium, and the transformation it offers to these apprentices’ careers. 

Being a great mentor – the systems

David explains how he found Acadium, how he uses apprentices systematically in his business for his projects, like promotions his latest book launch, and the difference it’s made for him. He also details how to succeed as a mentor on Acadium by using his system to find great apprentices. If you want to learn the key tenets of being a great mentor, this conversation is on to tune into. 

Key takeaways from Moe and David’s conversation on mentorship

  • Why bringing on an apprentice when you’re working on a specific project is a great idea.
  • A mentee working with a mentor is like landing on a ladder in the board game Snakes and Ladders; it’s like a fast track up in their careers. 
  • Bringing on several apprentices at a time led to mutual mentorship and fantastic results.
  • The importance of communication with your apprentices.
  • How to build a talent pipeline for your business by connecting with high-quality apprentices. 

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