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Introduction to Transactional Emails in Email Marketing

Have you ever heard about transactional emails? Do you know they are different from marketing emails? This article is your complete guide to transactional email definition and best practices to send such emails. We have also shared real-life transactional email examples for better understanding.

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    Acadium Stories #2: Jalisa Haggins

    Jalisa Haggins is an Emmy Award-winning TV producer turned self-employed digital marketer. Jalisa has completed numerous apprenticeships on Acadium, and she now runs Live Your Basics, a digital marketing agency that she founded this year.

  • Podcast

    Acadium Stories #1: Lawrence Clayton

    Lawrence shares with us his experience of working in the energy trading business in the early 2000s up until the collapse of Enron. After the collapse, Lawrence took his career in a new direction.

  • Business Growth

    Three Ways to Accomplish More as a Remote Team

    Learn how to scope out projects effectively, make the most out of meetings, and hold your team accountable while working in a remote setting.

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    How This Apprentice Used Her Experience to Start Her Own Business

    Venetia Reddy was already a social media marketer when she started her apprenticeships. She had the foundation, what she wanted was growth. So she actively reached for her goals and, four apprenticeships later, she has her own booming eCommerce and marketing business.

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    How an Apprentice Increased this Entrepreneur’s Engagement Rate by 66%

    Full of ideas on how to grow her business, Terri Levine was only short on one thing — time. Then she found Acadium.

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    Success Stories

    How this Student Got Hired After Only One Apprenticeship

    Just 3 months after completing his apprenticeship, Elijah got hired as a content writer for the same company who mentored him.