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How we get you hired in eight weeks

The last job search course you’ll ever need. Get the personalized coaching and accountability you need to identify areas of improvement, correct them, and get hired.


Is Acadium Plus right for you?

Who it's for

  • Motivated marketers that want to start their career, and not just land a job. This program will require a significant amount of accountability and independent execution from every student.
  • Students that have marketable skills — have done digital marketing training and have some level of hands on experience. This program dives straight into the job search process and requires marketable skills to ultimately receive marketing offers.

Who it's not for

  • Marketers looking for a 'quick fix' to get any marketing job.
  • Someone that can not commit to 10 hours of hard work per week.
  • Someone looking to freelance.
  • New marketers with little or no marketing experience.

Explore the curriculum

The Acadium Plus curriculum runs for eight weeks and is designed for marketers that have existing experience (minimum of 6 months) in a specific digital marketing channel(s).

Week 0


  • Complete and submit personal brand pillars
  • Complete Marketing Career Plan docs: Career Profile & Career Factors
  • Complete Student Packet document

Week 1

Developing Your Personal Brand Pitch

  • Review the marketing job landscape - where are the opportunities, what are the common myths and mistakes made by marketers seeking jobs
  • Define your specific unique value proposition
  • Identify any blockers or challenges that have, or will, impact your success in finding the right marketing job
  • Immediately begin practicing your 'why you' pitch live and via video recordings

Week 2

Prepare Personal Brand Pillars

  • Prepare your resume, Linkedin and personal brand site for marketing hiring managers
  • Practice your UVP and storytelling

Week 3

Job Search Framework Overview

  • Learn skills, and get templates for lifetime use, on how to get conversations with any marketing job hiring manager
  • Learn the 3-step process that will lead to more conversations with hiring partners — guaranteed
  • Practice researching and messaging frameworks so you are a 'must hire' stand out in every conversation

Week 4

Developing Your Job Search Plan

  • Create your personalized action plan for the next 90 days so you stay accountable and make progress
  • Begin executing outreach and networking strategies that will lead to interviews

Week 5

Interviewing Prep

  • How to prepare the right research for marketing job interviews
  • How to create Value Assets that will help you stand out
  • Develop your personalized marketing interview templates

Week 6

Interviewing Questions & Follow Up

  • Practice asking and answering the right marketing job interview questions
  • Access 3 proven follow-up templates for any marketing job

Week 7

Job Offer Negotiation

  • Learn how to make the ask
  • Learn what else is negotiable

Week 8

Mock Interviews

  • Culminate your learning through recorded mock interview sessions
  • Develop confidence through practice of your interview performance
  • Get instructor and student feedback on your performance

Acadium Plus’ curriculum content is supported by input from top-tier companies

Weekly Schedule


Assignments due


Live sessions

10a.m.–12p.m. EST


Live sessions

10a.m.–12p.m. EST


Live sessions

10a.m.–12p.m. EST


Coaching calls

9a.m.–7p.m. EST


Coaching Calls

9 a.m. — 7 p.m. ET

Guest speakers from top digital marketing roles and companies

Josh Garofalo

Founder, SwayCopy

Zahra Kagalwalla

Talent Acquisition Manager, Acceleration Partners

Eric Siu

CEO, ClickFlow

Milly Beebee

Senior SEM Specialist, Tinuiti

Liz Koenig

Social Media & PR Manager, Accenture

Jacqueline Wallace

Operations Manager, SEER Interactive

Outcomes of your eight-week commitment

Digital marketing job offers, help with salary negotiation, and the start of a long term successful career in the right niche of digital marketing for you.

Pre-scheduled interviews with hiring partners that include everything from exciting startups to Fortune 500 companies and blockbuster agencies.

Stronger confidence in asking and answering memorable marketing job interview questions.

Accountability guardrails to ensure you follow through and make progress.

Over 15 marketing-specific templates that will save you time, and let you focus on your personalized learning plan.

Group exercises, peer reviews and feedback.