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Get hired full-time in digital marketing

As an Acadium Plus member, you will receive a personalized learning and development plan, guidance from expert career coaches, access to an active community of 400+ marketers, and hundreds of resources designed to get you hired.

We get marketers hired

How we get you hired

Develop your marketing skills through Premium Apprenticeships and Micro-course modules. Gain confidence with your personal career coach. Stay accountable with support from our exclusive community.

Career Pathing

Create a plan with industry veterans that will get you more interviews. Ensure you are choosing the right type and size of company for you to not only get hired in, but to create the foundations for a long term successful career in digital marketing. Avoid common mistakes in the job search.


Personal Branding

Create a resume, hone your LinkedIn profile, and build a personal brand website with help from digital marketing experts, and hiring managers. Sync each piece of your digital and personal footprint to create a compelling story that captivates hiring manger’s attention and sets you apart.



Learn how to get responses from people at companies you want to work for. Be able to craft compelling messaging that leverages your brand over mediums they are most likely to respond and stand out from 1000's of other generic applicants. Create and keep invaluable connections through the Acadium Plus ecosystem of hiring partners, Acadium’s deep business network of agencies/e-commerce businesses, and over 300 Acadium Plus alumni working in digital marketing.


Interview Prep

Get personalized plans for each interview you land — learn how to frame yourself based on what the company is looking for in a candidate, access our interview guides created by experts, and do mock interviews with vetted career coaches. Create the right story, perfect the delivery, and be an interviewee that employer’s cannot refuse.


Micro Courses

Develop your marketing skills with over 20 on-demand video courses focused on reviewing best practices, examples, case studies and an applied learning assignment for the most in-demand marketing channels (social media, SEO, paid search, email, content marketing, and more!).


Premium Apprenticeships

Get dedicated support from the Acadium team, and expert coaches, with developing a profile that will help you get matched with the right mentor, navigating management of your projects, mentor, and outcomes.


Personalized Coaching

Do things right the first time, with zero doubt. Get guidance and accountability from coaches with over 25 years of marketing experience.

Live Group Coaching

Every live session is led by Erik Harbison, who has 25 years of marketing experience as a CMO/VP. You’ll join him and other students on Zoom several times a week. During sessions, expect topical discussions, hands on exercises, and community learning.


Personalized Mentorship

Every second week you’ll have one-on-one calls with Erik to ensure you are progressing towards your career goals. Get insights from coaches that have hired thousands of digital marketers. Get a personalized plan focused on key career foundations — including personal branding, interviewing, salary negotiation, and more.

Acadium Plus

Community Resources

Build relationships in a growing community with others on the same journey.

Marketing Career Resources

Worksheets, interview guides, notes, swipe files, and more. These are all only available to Acadium Plus students — and that ultimately help you get hired!


Marketing Connections

There is a Slack workspace and virtual classroom dedicated to the Acadium Plus program exclusively. See job opportunities, participate in contests and hang out in happy hours with students from all cohorts. Many alumni come back to hire Acadium Plus students!


On-demand Skills Training

Access pre-recorded video lessons from former CMO Erik Harbison that break down the fundamentals on digital marketing verticals that are relevant to today’s job market. Learn how to execute campaigns, leverage the latest tools, and gain the knowledge to become a value-add at any team you join. Video lessons can be accessed any time and our Slack community is 24/7 so there will always be someone to help you out along the way if you have questions.


Portfolio Building Assigments

Based on the pre-recorded video lessons, there are assignments for you to test your newly gained marketing knowledge. This ensures that you’ve grasped these key concepts and gives you the opportunity to put your skills into practice. All assignments are designed to be portfolio-building assets to help you in the job search portion of Acadium Plus.


increase in yearly income reported by Acadium Plus graduates.


of surveyed Acadium Plus graduates reported an increase in self-confidence.


increase in marketing confidence reported by Acadium Plus graduates.

Still have questions?

  • How do I know this is the right program for me?

    Acadium Plus was built for students looking for a hands-on, learning through doing program to gain skills that can accelerate your earning potential. Our career coaches, guest speakers, hiring partners, and instructors not only help with getting you the skills you need, but specifically help in landing paid opportunities as well.

  • How much does Acadium Plus cost?

    We offer flexible payment options to make it easy for you to upgrade to Acadium Plus.

    See Acadium Plus Pricing
  • How much work is involved?

    There's no such thing as a free ride. To enable great outcomes for our students, we offer a challenging program that tests students with real projects for active businesses. Before deciding to join, make sure you're ready to commit to 8 weeks of training — Acadium Plus offers world class resources and mentors but it's ultimately up to students to take advantage of them. You will get out what you put in!

  • Can anyone join Acadium Plus?

    Acadium Plus is open to students based in the US, Canada, and all of Europe. As a remote first program, we are able to work with a variety of students globally and all live sessions are recorded so that students can watch the sessions on their own time if needed. Before launching into other regions, we want to ensure we have the infrastructure and network required to ensure the same level of success for students in new regions as we currently have for students in the US, Canada, and all of Europe.

  • Can I participate in Acadium Plus while working full time?

    Yes! Many of our students balance full-time work with the Acadium Plus. All of the live sessions are recorded so that they can be reviewed whenever is most convenient. Our coaches work to accommodate everyone’s schedule from day to night, all across the US, Canada, and Europe.

  • What is Acadium Talent Hub?

    We’ve connected with digital marketing agencies, eCommerce brands, and leading online businesses to ensure our students can get placed at leading workplaces. Talent Hub members have confidence in Acadium+ students, and allow you to skip the application process and go straight to interviews.

  • What should I expect?

    Expect to hustle, work hard, and learn a whole lot – all while taking comfort knowing you have a team supporting you towards your digital marketing career.

  • How can I make sure I succeed in the program?

    Approach the program with a growth mindset, and be mentally prepared to work hard. The program is challenging by nature, and often times will challenge the way you think by introducing you to new mental models, and best practices. After you’ve joined the program, stay tuned for a video from your head instructor, Erik Harbison, for more information!