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Success Stories

Find out how others are using Acadium to take control of their future.

  • Gaining marketing experience for a career change amidst a pandemic
    Success Stories

    How to gain relevant marketing experience for a new career

    Ludovica says that Acadium allowed her to gain new skills, build a network in a new industry, and determine what companies were looking for in digital marketing specialists.

  • How COVID-19 lockdown's led to Eszter starting a career in digital marketing
    Success Stories

    How COVID-19 lockdown’s led to Eszter starting a career in digital marketing

    It’s hard to transition to a career in digital marketing. You’re entering an industry that is changing constantly, there's so much to know and that can be scary. It’s natural to stall and wait for the right time, but the effect that lockdowns had across the world led many people like Eszter to question what they wanted to be after the world “goes back to normal”

  • Sean Farrelly success story
    Success Stories

    From warehouse to wordsmith: how COVID led to my new career

    If you are stuck and in a position, like I was, whether it's your job on the line, if you've already lost your job, or you just need something that can be done from home, please consider Acadium because I can guarantee it won't be a waste of your time.

  • Hugo success story headshot graphic
    Success Stories

    How an immigrant from Brazil found his dream job in Canada

    Sometimes you do so much but see very few results, and at some point, I decided that I wanted more, I wanted to see the results of my work.

  • The image is of Arielle. She's got curly hair and a blue long-sleeved formal shirt on. She's smiling.
    Success Stories

    How Arielle learned to use her creativity to build her brand

  • Success Stories

    How Andrew gained confidence and a clear path for his business

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